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Sprinter common repairs

Some of the more common Sprinter issues/repairs we see:

* Broken exhaust flex pipe. This affects the 2007+ "906" chassis Sprinters with the V6 diesel engine. On the '07-'09 model years this is part of the catalytic converter assembly. On the '10 & up, this is part of the DPF/Cat assembly. On the '10+ models years, the exhaust will leak out from the Sprinter flex pipe & melt wiring nearby causing engine to shut off, start counter to become active, melt DEF nozzle & lines & more. There usually is no warning ahead of time, as the pipe breaks all at once. Sprinter Blutec DPF replacement cost $1,950 including tax In 2007-2009 Sprinter models the catalytic converter with flex pipe cost to replace is ~$1,850

* Start count down. '10 & up "Bluetec" Sprinters will start counting down how many more times the van can be started if there is an issue with the DEF Adblue system. If DEF is not added and it runs out, or Nox sensors fail or any other components for DEF/Adblue system fail-it will enter "Start countdown" It is imperative that the Sprinter is brought in before it gets down to it's last few counts as it gets more difficult & expensive to diagnose what was wrong/fix/verify if not many starts left. Depending on the year/software in engine computer it will start at 16 or 9 starts remaining. 

*Sprinter DPF clogged. Your Sprinter's DPF or
diesel particulate filter captures soot from the exhaust so you do not see black smoke puffing out of the exhaust as older diesels do. It holds onto & fills up with soot until it reaches a level where it must do a regeneration. During regeneration the engine computer causes the engine exhaust in the DPF to reach a very high temperature of around 1,200F which incinerates the soot. If incorrect engine oil is used, ash will build up inside the DPF and cannot be burned out. The DPF then clogs up & restricts exhaust flow. If ash content is too high, the only option is to replace the DPF.  Another culprit is when a faulty temperature sensor, swirl flap motor, EGR valve,  or other running issue keeps the DPF from doing it's regeneration.  This causes the soot content to rise to a point that even if the original problem that kept it from doing a regeneration is fixed, it will not regenerate on it's own. If not corrected the exhaust will have a severe restriction & will loose more & more power as it clogs up further. In those cases we must connect diagnostic equipment up to the Sprinter & force a manual regeneration. Cost for a manual Sprinter regeneration is $135

* Rumble strip noise. This problem can affect all model years of Sprinters except ones with 4 cylinder engines. The problem is the torque converter lock up clutch wears & causes a shuddering under certain circumstances. We refer to this noise/feeling as "rumble strip noise" because it is similar to driving on rumble strips in the side of a road. To remedy this, we remove the transmission & rebuild the torque converter lock up clutch with updated, heavy duty components & modify it. This is MUCH stronger than the original design & also way less expensive than a new one from Mercedes which still uses flawed weak design... Cost to repair Sprinter rumble strip noise with transmission service included ~$1,300

* Sprinter losing power / limp mode. Sprinter vans as with all newer diesels have to adhere to strict new EPA emissions guidelines for diesels. Many of these systems cause the turbocharger to be switched off when there is a problem-causing the Sprinter to loose much of it's power. Even though limp mode always turns off the turbo, most of the time it is not directly related to it. Switching the turbo off & causing power loss forced the customer to bring the Sprinter in & have the emission system serviced. Limp mode in Sprinters is commonly caused by faulty EGR valve, swirl flap motor, turbo actuator, leaking inter-cooler hoses & turbo resonators. Unfortunately we have seen/heard of many instances where the entire turbo was replaced when it had nothing to do with the lack of power. (Some paid over $6,000!) This is why it is imperative that you bring your Sprinter van to us to have it properly diagnosed. many shops just don't care or understand these systems & it will end up costing you time, lost business & $$$

*DEF heater failure. This affects all Sprinters 2010 model year & up. (All Bluetec) The tank for the ADBlue / DEF has a heater in it to keep the DEF from freezing. The heater element burns out & causes a check engine light. This does not cause start count down or running problems in warm weather, but in colder climates in the Winter it will allow DEF to freeze. This will lead to an active start countdown being initiated. We will replace your Sprinter DEF heater with a new OEM one. Cost for most Sprinter DEF heater replacement is ~$1,150 including tax out the door. Sprinter DEF heater replacement $1,150.

*Sprinter engine oil leaking from oil cooler. Sprinter oil cooler leaks are common on the 2007-present models with the OM642 V6 engine. The oil cooler seals are where most of the engine oil leaks affecting Sprinters come from. Mercedes has updated the seals to much better material made from Viton which increases their life. Because of it's difficult to reach location, the oil cooler is an expensive repair. The turbocharger, intake manifold & more have to be removed to gain access to it. Depending on year Sprinter oil cooler seal replacement is from $1,200-$1,400

*Glow plugs & module. As with any diesel engine, the glow plugs & modules in Sprinter do not last forever... Also, sometimes the stubborn plugs will break off in cylinder head. We have the special tools to drill out & extract the glow plug without having to remove the cylinder head in most cases. Pricing varies on glow plugs depending on engine & year.

*Sprinter black death. Another somewhat common issue is what we call "black death" What happens is the copper seal ring between the fuel injector & the cylinder head fails & allows combustion gasses to leak by. This causes a black tar & coal like substance to build up around fuel injector. What typically has happened is another shop has removed injector & either did not replace copper seal with a new one an/or did not use special cutting tools to clean & true sealing surface for seal ring. This allows the combustion gasses to leak by over time. Depending on severity, you may smell a strange exhaust/fuel smell when engine is running, or even hear it puff. Depending on severity, it can require lots of time to break down & loosen up this build up & get injector out to replace seal. The earlier this issue gets taken car of the better! Many times the injector must be ruined in order to remove from cylinder head. Pricing varies as it is dependent on the situation. 

*Engine replacement. At one point, it just doesn't make sense to repair the engine any longer. We can install a Mercedes-Benz factory rebuilt engine. These have very little that are rebuilt & most components are new! Even includes new turbocharger, EGR cooler, intake & exhaust manifolds, wiring harness, EGR valve, swirl flap motor, flywheel, pulleys, water pump, vacuum pump, fuel injectors, glow plugs& more! We swap over your existing starter, alternator, A/C compressor & power steering pump. The engine even comes filled with oil! These are covered by Mercedes-Benz parts warranty of 3 yr/36,000 mi. Cost varies on year. 2007-2014 OM642 V6 engine replacement including parts, labor & fluids is around ~$13,000 plus tax.
Sprinter engine replacement cost ~$13,000 

                                                        Some of our common Sprinter service pricing:

(We use OEM parts)

Sprinter front strut replacement $545

Sprinter synthetic oil change service with check-over & reset service light $125

Sprinter transmission service with correct synthetic fluid, filter & gasket. $265

Sprinter brake fluid replace / flush $105

Sprinter coolant flush & replacement $125

Sprinter fuel filter replacement $64.95 on up depending on year

Sprinter manual regeneration $135