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We can keep your Mercedes-Benz in top condition, whether it's a 1981 or a 2014!

Services include:

Regular maint. (15k, 30k, 60k, A, B, C, D services)

Brake, Coolant, Transmission fluid renewing

Brakes & Suspension

Engine & Transmission incl. rebuilding

Check Engine light & driveability diagnosis

Heating & A/C

Electrical diagnosis

Interior & accessory work

Balance shaft replacement for M272 / M273

And more!.....

Frequently Asked Questions:

How often should I have my oil changed on my Mercedes?

The answer all depends on what year & model you have... Models older than model year 1998 are recommended every 7,500 miles. Starting in 1998, Mercedes-Benz introduced the "flexible service system" which uses certain driving parameters to determine when service is due. Services will be either "A" or "B".  Services are at least 10,000 miles apart, unless it reaches 1 year from previous service. An indicator will appear on the instrument cluster when service is due. Later model years changed, but have the same basic premise. The engine oil should be changed with correct type only & done as part of a service that is recommended by Mercedes-Benz. From year 1998 on, only synthetic oil & proper filter which has been Mercedes-Benz specified should be all that is used. Failure to follow the recommended service interval & oil & filter type can have a disastrous effect on your Mercedes-Benz engine.

I took my Mercedes to the dealer & they gave me a long list of "services" it needs! Are they ripping me off?

First off, let me say that I believe Mercedes-Benz has & continues to design & build the very best cars in the world. I follow their recommendations for service closely. Mercedes does recommend brake fluid renewal, coolant renewal & other services that are beneficial to keeping your car running as it was designed. I do not sell services that are outside of Mercedes-Benz recommendations such as "engine oil flush", "fuel induction service", "power steering flush", "A/C service", etc. Some repair shops, even Mercedes dealers, have decided that selling these services will make them lots of money. These services are outside of & some are even contradictory to what Mercedes-Benz specifies for your car. In some cases, these can even harm your car's expensive engine or other systems.

My Mercedes is still under warranty-If I don't take it to the dealer for service, will my warranty will be void?

No, absolutely not! You may have your Mercedes-Benz, BMW or Mini services done at BenzTech without voiding the warranty. As long as your car is not modified, you may take anywhere for the correct service to be performed without voiding any warranty.

How does your pricing compare to the dealer? To other independent shops?

BenzTech is always going to be less than the dealer for service & repair on your Mercedes.
Lower overhead, lower parts costs & a lower hourly rate mean savings of 30-50% over the dealer.
Other local independent shops (even "european shops") may have a lower hourly labor rate, but less experienced technicians & outdated equipment, meaning much more time spent diagnosing your car, "throwing parts at it" when not sure of the true problem, broken parts when disassembling because they are unfamiliar with Mercedes & lack of common parts stocked for Mercedes. All of these things lead to taking longer to fix your car & a much higher repair bill. Don't get stuck paying for some kid fresh out of high school to "learn" while working on your car. You will pay the bill for mis-diagnosis, broken parts & extra time in the end... Bring it to BenzTech & have your Mercedes fixed right the first time!

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